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Since I'm narcissistic, I get my own page separate from the About section. If you ever have trouble sleeping, you can always come here to help you out on that.

Some of my hobbies are drawing, graphic design, procrastinating on this site, watching anime, playing video games, and collecting figures.

  • Elfen Lied Compete
  • Gungrave Compete
  • Berserk Compete
  • Fushigi Yugi Compete
  • Cowboy Bebop Compete
  • Gankutsuou Compete
  • Afro Samurai Compete
  • Get Backers First Season
  • Get Backers Second Season
  • Saiyuki
  • Saiyuki Reload
  • Saiyuki Reload Gunlock
  • Cowboy Bebop Movie
  • Hellsing Complete

Figures Collection
  • Sephiroth Resin Statue
  • Cloud Strife Resin Statue
  • Vincent Valentine Resin Statue
  • Axel Kingdom Hearts Play Arts
  • Sephiroth Trading Arts
  • Cloud Strife Trading Arts
  • Vincent Valentine Trading Arts
  • Vincent Valentine Turks Trading Arts
  • Yuna Trading Arts
  • Tidus Trading Arts
  • Sephiroth Advent Children Figure
  • Ifrit
  • Kimimaro Stamp
  • Kakashi Stamp
  • Sasuke Stamp
  • InuYasha Mini Statue
  • Sesshoumaru Mini Statue
  • Kisame Figure
  • Itachi Figure
  • Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya Figure
  • Cloud Strife Kingdom Hearts figure
  • Ansem Kingdom Hearts Figure
^Some of my collection.

I have some paid experience working on websites, designing fliers, t-shirts, business cards, brochures, etc.

I am an art major. I take interest in things like anthropology, mythology, human rights issues, psychology, and social work. As you can see I'm not really big or comfortable with talking about myself.