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Typing in Japanese
So you're interested in typing Japanese on your computer, eh? Well good for you I guess. I remember the days where I used to find a Japanese character chart online, and copy and paste every single character. (Such as when I wrote that how to read guide XD) Well, please don't do that. Learn how to type in Japanese like a normal human being. No Japanese keyboard required.

My operating system is Windows Vista so it should apply to everyone else who has Windows.

1. First go to Control Panel.
2. Next go to Regional and Language Options.
3. Now go to Keyboards and Languages. Then Change Keyboards.
4. Go to Add, and choose the Japanese language. Confirm by Applying or Ok or whatever.

Now on your browser you should have a little language bar at the top. Click it, select JP, and start messing around.

Here's how it works. It can be frustrating at first but cool once you get used to it.

The way this works is that you just type the pronunciation of a Japanese word, and it turns into the character.

Let's type cat. Neko.


You can also look smart by letting it convert to Kanji for you. To do this, just hit the space bar after typing Neko. See?

Let's get back to how to use this thing. If you want to add a space, it requires you to confirm your word by hitting Enter twice. Then you can finally use your spacebar without your word deleting on you.

You can switch back and forth to ひらがな or カタカナ by choosing either in Input Mode.


Have fun acting like an annoying Japanophile now.