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Saïx- The Luna Diviner/サイクス 月に舞う魔人
Saïx is the 7th member of Organization 13. Despite his lower rank, Xemnas treats Saix with respect and gives him responsibility on things you'd expect to be forced on Xigbar or Xaldin. In the NA release, Saïx's label is The Luna Diviner. And according to wikipedia, he is a demon man that dances under the moon in the Japanese release. Saïx's English voice actor is Kirk Thornton while his Japanese voice actor is Ginpei Sato.

Image Courtesy of McOrgyXIII: 13 Served At a Time

If Organization 13 was a fast food chain, and its members the employees, Saïx would always get the Employee of the Month Award. He does more for the Organization than any other member, Xemnas must "like" him for a reason, Saïx hates traitors to the Organization, and even took pleasure in punishing Axel for his treachery. In two of the newest artwork, Xemnas lets Saïx stand pretty close to him in both. xD

Saïx's Stats

Saïx follows Lexaeus, Xemnas and Marluxia in attack strength. His strength is equal to Xaldin and Axel. Saïx has the highest critical hit rate of the entire organization. His HP is also the second highest of the Organization. He is not so great with magic. Saïx is an easy character to handle. Saïx's range is decent even though he is more suitable for close combat. With the right weapon, he can be really cheap and easily overwhelm enemies with his combos. His Limit Break is unfortunately, pretty worthless as he is difficult to control. During the Limit Break, it won't be unusual to end up in the corner, NOT attacking enemies. Saïx is ideal for beginners and button mashers.

His Appearance
Saïx has long blue hair with a similar hairdo to that of Xemnas. Unlike Xemnas, some of the hair he allows to hang on his front, is in front of his ears, rather than hanging from behind them.

Another difference is the top of his head has spikes going toward his back, and end of these spikes, his hair goes back to looking straight and silky. Like Xemnas, he also has the rest of his long hair hang free down his back.

Going to his face now, Saïx has that bishounen look going on. He has golden/yellow eyes, an X-shaped scar in the middle of his face, small fangs, and pointy ears. On these pointy ears are what appears to be a silver stud on each. He looks like an evil Lord of the Rings Elf. Or if you're familiar with the human form of demons in the anime, InuYasha, Saïx comes to mind.

Sometimes the game has uhh plot holes XD for Saïx's face. He can go from looking like a dashing evil elf one second, to a frowning old elf man the next.

As for his body, Saïx wears the same cloak like the rest or the Organization members. It's like an all black trench coat with a hood and a semi-wide zipper. If you didn't notice, there is a slit in his coat from behind, going up a bit but not close enough to his rear. This is to prevent him from tripping on his coat in battle and allowing for more movement. I know it can be difficult to move around in something like that. Other things in his outfit, are black gloves, pants, and boots, with a gray rim all around.

The render of Saïx and some of his fellow Organization members may not accurately depict their sizes when compared to each other here, but with a good guess, you can still see a huge size difference.

His upper body is slightly more built than most of the puny Organization members which is needed for him to wield what looks like a heavy Claymore. Saïx is probably the third most built Organization member with Xaldin coming in second, and Lexaeus being the bulkiest.


Saïx wields a "Claymore" but to me, it looks more like a fancy-looking battle axe fused with a hammer. Its length is either more than Saïx's height or about the same. The attacking end of this weapon, imagine an upside down flat bird SHAPE with its wings spanned upward. On the outer edge of these "wings" are small seven spikes. When activated for serious battle, these spikes turn gigantic. In the middle of these spike things is a thing shaped sorta like a very flat ninja star. There are three diamond shaped patterns going down from the attacking end. At the very end of Saïx's weapon, away from the attacking end, is one sharp black spike. This is probably there for Saïx the jab attackers from behind him (Xemnas XP) if he's too occupied with the enemies in front of him. Or to allow him to stick it into the ground and maybe hang his laundry on the larger spikes to dry.

As weird as it looks, that's also the end Saïx throws at you like a spear.

In the DS game, Saïx has all kinds of weapons to use. They are listed here, following the gear needed to equip them:

Gear | Weapon Name
Skill Gear- Werewolf
Technical Gear- Artemis
Duel Gear - Luminary
Loaded Gear - Selene
Phantom Gear - Astrologia
Chrono Gear- Moonrise
Lift Gear - Crater
Nimble Gear - Lunar Phase
Wild Gear - Crescent
Ominous Gear - Gibbous
Valor Gear - Berserker
Fearless Gear - Twilight
Prestige Gear - Queen of the Night
Crisis Gear - Balsamic Moon
Omega Gear - Orbit
Hazard Gear - Light Year
Rage Gear - King of the Night
Champion Gear - Moonset
Ultimate Gear - Horoscope
Pandora Gear - Dichotomy
Zero Gear- Lunatic
Casual Gear - Just Desserts
Mystery Gear- Bunnymoon

Saïx's behavior and personality is pretty typical of most characters voiced by Kirk Thornton: Calm, serious, merciless, and "evil." (Hajime Saito of Kenshin for example) When he isn't frowning and looking like an old man Nutcracker, Saïx's facial expressions are usually neutral, with an evil grin every now and then and sometimes looking annoyed. Though all expressions are done so in a way where he can easily go back to coming off as aloof.

Despite him going Berserk in battle, Saïx doesn't find it necessary to be brutal or use force all the time. He is more like someone who'd play mind games and mess with people's head, the same as how Xemnas tried to turn Sora and Riku against eachother. If a fight is unnecessary, then it's unnecessary. He'll either make his Nobodies and Heartless do the work, or flee, like he did when Riku appeared to rescue Kairi.

Saïx is also a little flamboyant with his movements. Not the stereotypical homosexual way, ya freak. Look up the word. XD But anyway he does a lot of movements with his arms while talking, and gives off this regal vibe while at it. His unnecessary extra movements are also done where it isn't excessive or annoying. Where Saïx also does a lot of motions, he's also a talker. Mixed with his weird yet sane movements, he sometimes appear as if he's talking to only himself, or as if he were in front of a much larger audience. Saïx would make a good politician. Or a preacher.

Square borrows heavily from religion or mythology. Some examples include the Final Fantasy's Shiva summon, whose name was taken from a Hindu goddess. Another example would be Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth and the meaning behind his single wing. In some myths, Sephiroth is the devil whose wing was ripped off by God. Although a minor character, how Saïx came to be is not be an exception to the borrowing from mythology.

Saïx's Berserk stance appears to originate from Norse mythology. He isn't exactly a Viking though. Vikings retaining a reputation as being barbarians in battle is stolen credit This should actually be applied to the Berserkers. In literature, Berserkers were shock troops employed by Odin who fought in a mindless rage. They wore skins of wolves or bears and acted like savage wolves and bears in battle.

This could be where people associate Saïx being a werewolf as well. Along with wearing the skin of a wolf, the full moon could link back to the wolf-like behavior of Berserkers in battle.

Just like the Berserkers, Saïx was invincible when Berserk. Berserkers possessed immunity to weapons. Before battle, Odin would chant a spell to force this immunity. Even without the spell, Berserkers would be too lost in their rage to feel the pain of their wounds in battle. They were like psychotic beasts. They felt no fear and knew no pain.

Modern scholars believe that drugs could also induce the state of being berserk. At times I poke fun at Saïx for moving around weirdly or acting like he's in a trance. Not that I'm saying he's a druggie but that could reflect how one would force someone to become berserk.

Organization XIII
Saïx belongs to a group known as Organization XIII. This group consists of Nobodies, a shell of a living being after it has died. Think of it as a husk. In the Kingdom Hearts world after Ansem's experiments, a Heartless forms as their soul or Heart leaves the body. In rare cases, a shell, the Nobody, is also formed upon death. Nobodies are usually deformed or no longer look human and in even rarer cases, if the being was powerful or had a strong heart, their Nobody retains the appearance of their former self with a few differences. The difference between Nobodies and the Heartless, is that the Nobodies usually retain their memories of when they were alive.

Organization XIII is made up of these much stronger Nobodies. Their goal is to get their Hearts back because it really eats at them to know who they once were and that they shouldn't exist. They only want to be whole again.

Saïx was not kidding when he said he knew how to manipulate the heart. He even had Xemnas fooled. Saïx does not care about Xemnas or the Organization at all. In a discussion with Axel, it is revealed that Saïx planned to overthrow Xemnas when the time was right. He and Axel were aware that Xemnas did not have the members' interests in mind. His plotting went unnoticed by Xemnas and Saïx even ended up as his second in command. Saïx's initial purpose in the Organization was to gain incredible power and to get his heart back. His last words, he asked Kingdom Hearts where his heart was and died soon after.

As a Human
Contrary to all the smutty art depicting Saïx and Xemnas, nothing was there. Surprisingly, Axel was his friend instead. Saïx, believing Nobodies cannot feel, questioned Axel on his worries about Roxas. Saïx considers Axel's friendship with Roxas as false. While reminding Axel of their secret plans, Saïx also reminded Axel that their friendship was a real one when they were alive. It was more of a way to guilt Axel into forgetting about Roxas and sticking to the plan.

In a Secret Report written by Axel, he gripes about Saïx's claims on him changing. Axel writes that he thinks Saïx is the one who changed. If Axel is correct, Saïx might have been a bit nicer when he was alive.