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Saïx Gallery
I attempted to rip my own KH2 cutscenes from my game, but that didn't work out. So credit goes to for providing video clips that I took screencaps of and made animated gifs out of. Hotlinking is not allowed. If you do hotlink, you might end up with something other than Saïx instead..

Giving me credit is not required but don't go claiming that you made or took these screencaps. And I mean that loosely. Don't go taking every single screencap here and posting it all over your site either. These will not be the last of my images and if I find people taking credit, I'll unfortunately have to watermark them in the future.

Fan art can be found here.

Offical Art and Renders

Screen Caps

Kingdom Hearts II

If only I could successfully rip from my game. They'd be higher quality for sure.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days


Animated FMV Gifs
The frame rate for these are kinda slow. I'd fix it but I'd rather not reupload all of them again. Feel free to edit these however you wish. If you want a particular scene animated for you, feel free to request it. Only scenes with Saïx, of course.

Saïx Appears (532 KB)
The Answer is No (1.08 MB)
Summoning Heartless (1.33 MB)
Saïx Waving His Arm or Something (1.14 MB)
Saïx Unhooding Himself (1.75 MB)
Saïx Exits (2.04 MB)
Saïx Turns Around (1.76 MB)
Saïx Blocking Riku's Thing (1.44 MB)
Saïx Flips? (975 KB)
Saïx Pinned (1.78 MB)

Miscellaneous Stuff
Ah miscellaneous things. Since some dork removed that lovely transparent image of Saïx from wikipedia, I was forced to cut Saïx out myself! So if you didn't save it, here it is-My cut of him. As well as other things. These can be useful if you're designing something on Photoshop and are low on time. Also if you're lazy like me and want to kick the person who removed that image from Wikipedia. You've no need to keep the "Full Moon" on your graphics. It's just there so you can remember whose hard work you've exploited.

Saïx Cut
This is what some dork removed off of wikipedia. That person forced me to actually WORK. xD

Kingdom Hearts Heart
If you ever wanted to customize the KH logo yourself, well, here's the heart. Without the text in the way.

Claymore You See on Logo
If you need the shape of Saïx's activated Claymore, here it is.

"Kingdom Hearts" Font
Here is the Dark Crystal font, created by Dennis Ludlow. It comes with an outline font and a solid version of it.

Saïx's Homies
Well, I've been bitching a lot about the dork who removed those high resolution images of Organization XIII from wikipedia. But I found them all in an archive. So here are the rest of the clean and clear images of them which you don't have to cut, to use for graphics. Saïx isn't included in this zip file of course. So yeah. if you were looking for them, here they are.