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Here are some bigger Kingdom Hearts sites that cover what I'm too lazy to. First, I need to give image credits.

Saïx artwork of him, Berserk, and his weapons were scanned by a dude named, Reldin at his site, Creativeuncut.

The cropped profile of Saïx was taken directly off a wallpaper from Square Enix's KH2 Final Mix site.

Lastly, I found the artwork of Birth By Sleep, Coded, and 358/2 Days, posted by the member, Talon, at spiradestiny forums.

Again, all videos used for screencaps and animated gifs, were from clips provided by Few were from

Cropped scans were found at

Ripped renders from the PS2 of Saïx is likely ripped and cleaned up by Luxord_2007. Check out the rest of his Organization XIII renders here.

Kingdom Hearts Sites
Uh yeah this site is mainly videos. But they provide information such as Ansem reports and all that as well.
Unlike me, this little site covers all of Kingdom Hearts II. I especially like the layout. It's very original, you can tell the webmaster actually worked hard on it, and it's just creative.
Kingdom Hearts Ultimania also covers all of the Kingdom Hearts game and not just II, like the domain suggests. They have the best art/image gallery for the games.
The official site for the upcoming game for the Nintendo DS.
Small, but this site provides scanlations(sp?).
Another small livejournal community providing just the translations to the manga. You'll have to find the scans elsewhere. Somewhere in their resources, there are links to snippets of KH novel translations. Though their resources, and not them, are a bit annoying navigate.