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A Saïx page. Because calling it a shrine sounds kinda gay. My boring and lonely little page is probably the only Saïx site of some sort online. Actually, no, mine isn't the only site. I just haven't bothered to look at them yet.

Update October 03, 2009
With a new game comes new information. Information about Saïx has been updated. I've also made a list of all his weapons in the DS game and also took screencaps of some of his weapons in the images section. More things will continue to be added as I play the game and find things I may have missed in the first playthrough.

Update March 15, 2008
Wow. It's been a while. Obviously I didn't get done what I said I would but I did find a new image to add to the gallery. It is Saïx's character model ripped from the PS2. This image shows two full models of his body and two models of his face: One normal and one of him Berserk. I did not make this. I believe credit goes to someone named Luxord for ripping this and smoothing out the model. This will be found in images under Offical Art and Renders. Or whatever that section is.

Update December 30, 2007
So I've added a fan art section finally. That will be found in the Pictures section. If you're a weirdo that likes Saïx too, feel free to submit. I'm willing to accept just about anything to make it look like Saïx is really supported. Other than that I still need to scan the Adled Impasse and get to rewriting his abilities. One of my issues with the abilities is that I'm not sure whether to stick them in the page about him or in the game sections.

What I AM sure of, is that I will scan every page where Saïx is involved, from the Kingdom Hearts II manga. That way if you don't feel like paying 10$ times however many books there are, to learn more about him, you can just come here to do that.

Fortunately for you, I am not affiliated or work with Square-Enix. Full Moon is just a fan page or something. Saïx and Kingdom Hearts II are © to Square-Enix.