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If you couldn't figure it out by now, this is a Saïx site. A small page revolving around Kingdom Hearts II's demonic moon man. It was created on December 17, 2007.

I have no idea what rekindled my obsession with Kingdom Hearts, but poor Saïx just happened to be my favorite Nobody when I considered making a Kingdom Hearts site. There are many Kingdom Hearts sites that provide more than I can be bothered to so I just stuck to making a site about Saïx.

As for my layout, I was originally gonna be a lazy bastard and reuse an old Saïx blog layout for this site. However I had enough div layouts for my site so I figure that I should give Saïx a table layout instead.

Aside from the obvious, everything on the layout was made from scratch in Photoshop 7. The claymore shape, the heart shape, the nobody emblem, etc. For the site's logo I was using the KH2 logo as a reference and trying to "Saïxualize" it. The logo may not look anywhere near authentic but it was still pretty damn fun to make. The font used that looks close to the Kingdom Hearts font, is Dark Crystal.

How Could You?!
The reason why I started this site is because I got bored again. Also I don't see many fans for this guy so I figure I should add another site for him, so it shall be known that there ARE people that like this guy.

Now I don't go getting bored and making a site for every single character or anime I really like. Saïx gets his own site because he stands out. For someone in a non-leadership role, he has strong leadership capabilities. He was minor character yet he got more screen time than any other Organization member, other than Xemnas and Axel. Also, for someone that could use all his might and destroy everything, he doesn't. Instead he's somewhat of a tactician. Someone with power but thinks before he acts.

Last reason he gets a site is typical. I can relate to the man in several ways. More than I thought. I'll leave it up to you to guess how much and how I relate to him.

Again, credit goes to Krazim for image mapping this layout. You can either thank her or pelt her with tomatoes because if it weren't for her, this site wouldn't be possible. Trust me, I've been really procrastinating on getting an Image Mapper.

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