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Making Cursors
Making cursors isn’t as difficult as it sounds. If you have experience in making gifs with a transparent background then that should be good enough. This isn’t a step by step tutorial, rather an explanation on some of ways they’re created. Links to downloads will be listed at the end. Before I explain how to “make” them let me give a brief overview about cursor related terms that you must know if you don’t already.

Cur- A regular cursor file
Ani- An animated cursor file
Hotspot- The location on your cursor where the cursor hits when you click

See? That was quick. Now onto what you really want.

Copy, Paste and Edit Method
If you don’t consider yourself an artist and are not patient enough then what you need is a program to edit and create gifs and another program to convert it to a cur or ani file if the editing program doesn’t save in those two file extensions.

This method is basically a copy, paste and edit pattern. If you’ve taken renders of other people or another artist’s work and slap them onto your sigs, then you’re already pro. Before you start though, remember that cursor files can only be 32 x 32 pixels and no less.

I use Photoshop to make the cursor image in and convert it using Anituner 1.1. I’m sure there are better cursor things out there but that example will do for now. Before you save it, make sure you choose the hotspot. Otherwise you’d be wondering why your cursor is difficult to use. It’s always in the top left corner by default but just in case…

You’re done.

Note: If you’re making a non-animated cursor in AniTurner 1.1 then you must type .cur as the file extension when saving.

Method of the Elite
Here’s the other method. If you’re experienced in pixel art or creating sprites then you’re pretty much a cursor-making master. If you’re too lazy to search for images or want to create your own original cursor then download IconArt. It allows for precise pixel-doodling, can save ico, cur, and ani files, and pretty much beats the first method and saves a lot of time (RAM) if you’re confident.

After you’ve downloaded and installed Icon Art, open it up. Choose 32 x 32 for the file size and start drawing. When you’re done click the Floppy Icon with the cursor above it so you can save it as a cursor instead of an icon. You’ll be prompted to choose a hotspot and after that you’ve finished with your cursor.

Click For Screenshot

There you go. By writing this up I probably cut down half of all the visitors to cursor sites.

Here are the links to AniTuner 1.1 and IconArt. They’re both Freeware.
Anituner 1.1 and IconArt

Oh and in case you forgot, here's the code to change the cursor on your webpage. Place your URL where the bold is.

<style type="text/css"><!-- body {cursor: url(URL);} --></style>

For some bizarre reason, the cursor code above will not work for Firefox. Bad Firefox.