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If you have any questions, comments, or constructive criticism, feel free to contact me. No matter what the other sites say, the e-mail I have listed here is the most active one.

As you can tell by trying to copy & paste my e-mail, I am very wary of spam e-mail. I provided it as an image because it looks better that way and so bots don't fish for my e-mail and spam it. So for the subject line, please make it very easy to recognize as an authentic e-mail. Things like, "Hi," "Dude," "Sup," get trashed if they even make it to my inbox. It's not an intention of mine to ignore people or be mean. I just love a virus-free computer.

I'm very quick to respond. If there is no response, it's likely I mistook it as spam. If you were rude or if there was any flames, it went immediately into the trash. I love constructive criticism but if you don't respect me first I will not return the respect of reading your e-mail no matter what valid points you may of had.

If you are interested in having me set up, create, and maintain your website for you, please go here for the details.