If you want to know where you can go for things, I've got addresses listed here. Be it restaurants, your embassy, tourist hot spots, etc. Additionally, I might also comment on them to give you an idea of what the place is like. First I will cover Phnom Penh. Then I'll get into Siem Reap. I'll purposely leave a lot of information on hot spots just to not spoil the entire trip for you. It's best to see everything for yourself.

Phnom Penh
Sightseeing in Phnom Penh
Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is where royalty has meetings. Here you'll find old treasures, carvings, giant Buddha statues, and plenty of plants on display. They do have a souvenir shop with prices that're higher on average in Cambodia. Save your souvenir cash for Angkor Wat.

Tonle Sap River

Tonle Sap River is right in front of the Royal Palace. There are a lot of artsy buildings and religious altars. Along the river are Kylin statues and the world flags. In the area, people sell you small birds to "release." You can also take a boat here to Siem Reap. I don't know the price since I went another way.

Tuol Sleng Museum

Tuol Sleng was a prison-turned high school. Walking through the classes is so eerie and at times you might feel like the victims here are screaming at you. The buildings are also so small that you cannot believe so many innocent people have been tortured and annihilated here. The coffins you'll see at the present are the bodies of the last victims who suffered in Tuol Sleng. They also have a movie room playing the documentary so you can learn more. There is a souvenir shop that sells jewelry, decorative knives, instruments, and t-shirts. Admission is $5 per person.

National Museum

The National Museum is fairly new. It's red, has a nice courtyard, plenty of nice flowers, and I felt as if I was strolling through a vivid painting while visiting. National Museum is just a smaller, prettier version of the Royal Palace. In terms of what it has on display. Yes they also have a shop here...

Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom is like a hill with a gigantic clock. There are monkeys here and decorative architecture! Child merchants will sell you a bizarre fruit to feed to the monkeys. Though it's probably a better idea to give that food to the orphans who will constantly be begging you for money. There are also elephant rides on certain days. I think it costs 15$ to ride it. The owner also charges you for his bananas to feed it with... But anyway Wat Phnom has a rain forest-like atmosphere. Okay, I never been in a rain forest but I'm sure anyone can guess how it feels like anyway.

Restaurants In Phnom Penh

La Volpaia Ristorante Italiano
20-22 Eo Street 13 Opposite Post Office, Wat Phnom

Lemongrass Restaurant
#14 Street 130 (50 meters from the waterfront)

Happy Pizza
#295 Street 110

Comme a la Maison Delicatessen
#13 Street 57

Nouvea Pho De Paris (Several Locations)
# 206 Monivong Blvd.
#43 Street 86
#26 Monivong Blvd.

Open Wine LTD
#219 Street 19, Corner of Street 240

The Riverhouse Restaurant & Lounge
Corner of #110 & Sisowath Quay

Kim's Kiwi Bar
#86 Street 63

Hotels in Phnom Penh

MiCasa Cambodiana Hotel
#313 Preah Sisowath Quay

Regal Hotel
#571 Kampuchea Krom Blvd.

Paris Hotel
#201 Mao Tse Toung Blvd.

Siem Reap
Sightseeing in Siem Reap
Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat is the reason why most people visit Cambodia. From the outside you can see that it is surrounded by some water with Lotus. There are large Lion statues on a platform that leads to a path into Angkor Wat. When you finally make it in there, you'll notice that there is art carved into EVERYTHING. The ceiling, roof tiles, window sills, walls-you name it. Around Angkor Wat, on the inside, there is bas-relief/gallery depicting religious epics. You continue to venture towards the middle until you reach stairs that lead into the pointy-architecture used to distinguish Angkor from far away.

Angkor Thom
The western exit of Angkor Wat will lead to the South gate of Angkor Thom. The only thing I can recall about Angkor Thom is the statue-lined path to a doorway/gate with 4 faces. All the statues on both sides are "demons" holding naga. The Devas are on left row and Ashuras on the right. The 4 faces are said to be that of the bodhisattva, Avalokiteshvara.

Bayon Temple
The Bayon Temple is pretty interesting. We weren't allowed to enter and get close to the Bayon but we didn't have to. We could still see it fine from the outer walls of the temple. Bayons are 4-faced statues like that of Angkor Thom. But in the Bayon Temple, these unique giant statues are more abundant. Along the walls of Bayon Temple are more reliefs like that of Angkor Wat, this time depicting battles between the Khmers and Chams. Surrounding the outer walls were decorated pillars that cast intended shadows on the gallery.

Banteay Srei
Banteay Srei is is my favorite site in Angkor. It is smaller than the rest of the Angkor sites but personally I think this one is the most beautiful of all. The designs on the arches and just everything was very intricate and all made of a reddish material. What added more to Banteay Srei's beauty was the reservoir surrounding it. It was lush in vegetation and as blue as you thought you can only see on television.

Including what I listed, there are 13 sites in Angkor: West Baray, West Mebon, Baksei Chamrong, Phnom Bakheng, Dikes, Preah Kahn, Jayataka Reservoir, Neak Pean, Ta Som, Ta Keo, Ta Prohm, Banteay Kdei, Srah Sreng, Pre Rup, Prasat Kravan, East Mebon, and East Baray. I only got into detail the sites that I remember. Don't get me wrong, they were all memorable. I just don't remember which site was what and today it's hard to believe that I really visited that many sites.

Restaurants in Siem Reap
Well I don't remember much restaraunts in Siem Reap so it'll be a bit barren.

Lucky Cafe
Pokambor Ave

Continental Cafe
#353 Pokambor Ave

Koulen Restaurant
Sivatha Blvd.

Hotels in Siem Reap
If you can find a certain hotel with "Chakriya" in its name, go THERE. That hotel was by far the best hotel I've ever been to in all of Cambodia. Sadly I don't have its address or remember its full name.

Angkor Hotel
2 Kilometers west of town on Route #6

Neak Pean Hotel
#53 Sivatha Blvd.

#054 Sivatha Ave.

Grand Hotel D'Angkor
#1 Charles De Gaulle in the center of town

If you lose your passport or get into some kind of trouble, your embassy is there to aid you.

Embassy | Address | Phone Number
Austrailia: #11 St. 254 | 023-213-470
United Kingdom: #27-29 St. 75 | 023-427-124
Belgium: #313, Sisowath | 023-214-024
Brunei: #237 St. 51 | 023-211-457
Canada: #9-11 St. 524 | 023-213-470
China: #156, Mao Tse Tong | 023-720-920
Denmark: #8 St. 352 | 023-987-629
France: #1 Monivong | 023-430-020
Germany: #76-78 St. 214 | 023-216-193
India: #5 St. 466 | 023-210-912
Indonesia: #1 St. 466 | 023-216-148
Japan: #194 Norodom | 023-217-161
Laos: #15-17 Mao TS | 023-982-632
Malaysia: #5 St. 242 | 023-216-176
Philippines: #33 St. 294 | 023-215-145
Poland: #767 Monivong | 023-217-782
Russia: #213 Sothearos | 023-210-931
Singapore: #92 Norodom | 023-221-875
South Korea: #50-52 St. 214 | 023-211-900
Sweden: #8 St. 352 | 023-212-259
Switzerland: #196 Norodom | 023-726-304
Thailand: #53D St. 242 | 023-219-405
United States: #1 St. 96 | 023-728-000
Vietnam: #436 Monivong | 023-726-283