As stated in the Home Page, here at Silent Apsara, I aim to ease some of your anxiety. Or not. It depends on your experience traveling and what you already know about Cambodia. I want to provide information, warnings, and tips to help make your stay at Cambodia as pleasant as possible. Before I first went, I was very worried as well and I know for sure that I won't be alone.

The name, Silent Apsara, was inspired by combining the artwork on the layout, with the title of the first Cambodianish storybook ever read to me. An Apsara would be the lady in my art to your left. Apsaras are what you can call angels. The silent part, came from the title, Silent Lotus, by Jeanne M. Lee. This story is about a mute girl (silent) named, Lotus, and when people asked her for her name, she would answer by putting her hands together to form a lotus.

With the exception of the Angkor Wat and Lotus shapes, everything on the layout was made from scratch. It was all done in in Photoshop 7.0. Credit goes to gutterlilly for the Lotus brushes.

Terms of Use
Again, you may use all of my photos in graphic design, personal use, etc. All I ask is that you don't take them all and claim them as your own. As for my layout and any artwork done by me, you may NOT use them at all.

Here are some useful links relevant to visiting Cambodia. I can't be bothered to teach the language and other things so if it's not here, it's probably at these other sites.

Learn Khmer
This is the PERFECT holiday-language guide to learn the Khmer language. Phrases are provided in different sections, the phrases are written in both Khmer and English, and if you're iffy on pronunciation, they have audio recordings to help clarify it.

This is one of the few, unbiased Cambodian journalists. Maybe it'll be a good idea to know if anything major is going on by reading the news. This is directly in Cambodia.

If you're not in the mood to do any math, you can use this currency converter to see how much your money is in Cambodia. Play around with it and you'll get an idea of converting without the use of that site.

Radio Free Asia is not just focused on Cambodia but it still provides good news coverage on Asia. And like the title suggests, you get to listen to the Khmer (and others) radio for free.