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If you are interested in having a website created for you, I am available to make your website for you. This is just a hobby for me so don't expect professional prices. First let me list what I am experienced in.
  • Photoshop: Intermediate
  • HTML/CSS: Intermediate
  • Graphic Design: Intermediate
  • Can Install Phpbb Forums
  • Can Install new Phpbb Forum skins
  • Can create cursors and favicons

I may be very modest in my abilities. But if you're unsure, you can look around at my sites to see an example of my work. You can also find another site, whose layout style you're interested in, show it to me, and ask if I can pull it off.

Prices and Payment
This is probably your biggest concern. I will not charge you before I do my work. How I charge is by giving you an invoice at the end of the month, based on the work you required me to do. If there is no work for me on any given month, then you don't have to pay. Pretty much, what you pay depends on what you make me do and what you ask of me.

$30 for a TON of work.
$20 for a lot of work.
$10 for little work.
$0 for no work.

This is just to give you an idea of how I charge. Again it all varies. You could end up paying just $5 if you don't make me go through that much labor. What you can be sure of is that I NEVER charge over $30. As for Payment, I only take PayPal. It's pretty much a way to pay me by bank or credit card without giving me any of your personal information.

Communication will only be in e-mails. I cannot speak clearly so calling me will be a waste.

Before you have me make you a website, you need two things. One is a host, and the other is a domain. A host is where your site will be and a domain is where you buy your site name.

If you're interested, please send an e-mail asking me how much I will charge first. Just provide a site with a style of the layout you have in mind, your ideas, and direction you want with it. With that information, I can let you know how much it costs. I highly recommend you design your site banners on your own. Me doing graphic design for your site is a separate expense from setting up and maintaining your website. If all goes well, I will send you a contract to fill out, and I'll be on my way to creating your website for you. I will require a one-time $10 deposit before I get to work. (Deducted from your true invoice) I'll do my best to prove I will come through for you and I need to know that you will do the same.

Delinquent Payments
We will be in a legal binding contract so you must keep your end of the deal if I did my part. I will expect payment within 7 days of my Invoice. If I hear nothing from you or you continue to not pay me, then I will destroy any work I've done that month and quit. Depending on the severity of the issue, I might also report you since we did sign a contract.

If you are not satisfied with my work the first time we do business, you can get a full refund and I will delete the work you had me do. I will not compensate for fees that Paypal may take out of your refund. That is out of my control.

If I've been working with you for a while, you may NOT ask for a refund at all. If I worked with you for over a month, and received payment, then that means you were satisfied with my work. You can ask me to stop working for you at anytime.

Termination of Service
I have the right to terminate my service anytime due to unforseen circumstances. Sometimes life doesn't go the way I plan, making me unable to continue to work for you. If I was in the middle of working on something, I will not charge you at all. During these horrible circumstances I will try to find you a substitute that charges close to what I do, if not the same. If this were to occur, I apologize.

I will never quit randomly like that. I stop working until the specified date in the contract you set for me, or if you need to dismiss me earlier. So you're stuck with me until you say otherwise. An exception to this rule is if you're rude and difficult to work with.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me at:

Thank you for your interest.