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Making Anime Gifs
On Several of My sites, you might notice animated gifs from a scene from an anime or video game. There are many methods to pull this off but I'll share my way with you. First, you'll need 3 things:

1.A video file
2.Virtual Dub
3.Ulead Gif Animator 5

The first thing I do is run Virtual Dub. Next, I open up the desired video file in Virtual Dub. Here, I open up a video with Saix in it. Don't let the video play by Stopping it.

Now choose the part of the video that you want as an animated gif. To do this, move that thing til' you reach the beginning of the desired animation.

Now click this thing.

Move that thing again toward the end of the desired animation. Now click the other thing. On the timeline thing, you should see a blue color indicating the selection of your animation.

Now go to File > Save segmented AVI and name it whatever the hell you want.

You've got your animation. Now it's time to turn it into a gif. Run Ulead Gif Animator 5. Go to File > Open Video, and get your animation. Resize, crop, or do whatever you want to clean your animation.

After that's done, go to File > Save As > GIF file..

Now you got yerself an animated gif.

Now go make your own shit and help preserve my bandwidth.