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*plagiarizes from own Gungrave Affiliates page*

Become an Affiliate
I'm not going to be affiliated because you simply use one of me banners or link me. If you want to be an affiliate, at least have a decent layout, at least be 80% complete, and have your site revolve around Gungrave, Asia, web stuff, art, anime, or video games. If you think you qualify, shoot an e-mail with 'Affiliate' as the subject as well as a link to your page where my banner is.

The following will be refused:
- Promoting of racist, sexist, ethnocentric, or religious bashing.
- If you have too many banner ads. Text ads are fine.
- If your site or ads give me nasty things like trojans or spyware.
- Downloads to US licensed anime.
- Downloads to US licensed manga.
- Promotion or instructions on doing illegal stuff.
- DeviantArt or Personal Pages on a free service. I'll accept fan art sites only if hosted by you.
- Free domain sites unless it's complete or really good. (geocities, tripod, angelfire, etc.) If a person is running a site for free, it is more likely that they will lose interest and never update or complete their site.
- If your site is hotlinking from someone else's site.
- If your link to my site is too hidden.

I do allow adult affiliates. In other words, PORN. Now each individual site has its own terms. Some of my other sites allow adult affiliates and others don't.

Requirements void if yer me friend.