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Acquiring this Site
One day my host asks, do you want a free site? I was like, okay. And now I have a site. I had this site since January 2006.

Domain Name
I didn't think I'd ever have my own website with my own domain name. It never occurred to me to make a list of possible site names. It took me a while to figure out what to call this place but at the top of my head I thought about the emotion I feel most often. It was rage, and since I don't think my anime veins will disappear anytime, that is where endless came from. Also I'm not that creative to think up a better site name.

Purpose of the Site
The purpose of this site is to kill some time, create, and make some sites for job opportunities. could be considered as a personal page if anything. A massive personal page, though.

Timeline of Endlessrage
Here is Endlessrage's timeline of plans, failures, growth or lack of. It's been through a lot and I really should start promoting this place. XD

January 2006
Attempted to make massive page covering Fushigi Yuugi, Ceres, Final Fantasy VII, and plenty others. This was Endlessrage's original plan.

Fall 2006
Attempted to add a fun adult site to Endlessrage. Plan shortly scrapped before it even started. Bad Idea.

December 2006
Original plan of Endlessrage thrown out.

January 2007
Planned on making mini sites on Japanese language, Saiyuki, Elfen Lied, and others.

March 2007
Created a Gungrave fansite due to lack of English Gungrave fansites.

September 2007
Created a Cambodian site. Canceled sites on Saiyuki and other anime mentioned because they weren't my most favorite. Also, finally created a layout for the main page.

Homepage Layout
This layout was created in Photoshop 7.0 by me. Image credits go to Anime-Visions for the Castlevania artbook scan.

This site is brought to you by some Thai Fantasy boy named, Tor. He loves to farm, created Romeo-Help4U at community connect, and his family has reported him as a missing person.

If you're serious on learning about me go here.

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